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What Do You Learn With CAPS?

With Visto's Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor® (CAPS) course training, you'll learn how to zoom out from a single property to oversee a regional portfolio, attend to the owners' goals, manage budgets, capital projects, and takeovers. It's everything you need to develop the skills to lead several teams and manage your portfolio.

Owners Reports, Budgets, & Due Diligence

Start managing the business directly for the owners.

At this level, you're creating budgets to meet owners' goals for the portfolio of assets, managing capital improvements, and navigating management agreements. Working directly for the owner is at the top level of this business. CAPS credential holders are experts at meeting owners' expectations.

Managing Employees

This job is bigger than a single property

Portfolio Supervisors do more than just manage the asset. They manage people, too. Whether it's employee evaluations, hiring and development, or motivating people to perform, CAPS training helps you understand how to excel!

Rental Housing Operations

Lead all of your teams in effective property management.

All over your region, you're responsible for managing your teams to meet key property performance metrics. The training for CAPS helps you manage due diligence process, manage risk, evaluate reporting and budgets, and more.


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