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Online-Only Education

Take your career to the next level when it's convenient for you.

With 24/7 online availability, you complete your courses on your own schedule. Fit your training in on nights, weekends, and days off — or during the lunch break!

Less Expensive with Visto

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Visto offers the same education as the local association, often for a lower price. Since we don't need live instructors for courses, you pocket the savings!

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Admired By the Industry

Enhance your career with industry-respected credentials.

NAAEI credentials command respect in the industry. There are plenty of imposters out there with many claims— but none will have the level of authority that NAAEI brings!

What Does CALP Teach You?

With Visto's Certified Apartment Leasing Professional® (CALP) course training, you'll learn professionalism, teamwork, relevant laws, effective sales processes, virtual leasing, and market analysis. It's everything you need to develop the skills you'll need to successfully bring in and retain residents.

Relationship-Based Sales & Customer Service

Rental housing is all about people and relationships.

Sales. Renewals. Referrals.
Relationships are the foundation of our business. CALP credential holders signal to the industry that they are experts at building relationships with residents.

Marketing & Competitor Analysis

Take charge and help grow the business.

Leasing Professionals do more than just lease apartment homes. CALP credential holders go even further. Whether it's managing online reputation, shopping comps, or helping build an effective marketing campaign, CALP training helps you stand out as a professional!

Rental Housing Operations

Truly support your management team.

The more you know, the more useful you are to your team. The training for CALP helps you understand how to handle resident issues, maintenance requests, incident reports, and more.


“CALP was very beneficial to my growth and development. I still utilize many of the lessons learned today.”

Matt Miller
Vice President
Signature Management


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