Preventative Maintenance (Bulk)

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  • Course Length: 1 hour
  • Course Provider: Grace Hill
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Preventative Maintenance (Bulk)

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All apartment communities, regardless of the style or location, have specific maintenance requirements in common. Without the proper attention to those maintenance requirements, a community will quickly fall into disrepair. Preventative maintenance helps keep that from happening. This course aims to help you design, implement, and maintain an effective Preventative Maintenance Program so that you may protect the life and value of your community and ensure a satisfactory living experience for your residents.

This course will allow you to:

  • Discover the many benefits of performing preventative maintenance, including extending the usual life of an item, cost savings, and enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Learn the specific steps to take in order to extend the useful life of your community’s many components
  • Take a virtual tour of an apartment community led by an experienced Maintenance Supervisor
  • Make preventative maintenance tasks realistic and achievable using a customizable 52 Week Plan
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