Heating Maintenance and Repair Suite (Bulk)

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  • Course Type: Course
  • Course Length: 4 hours
  • Course Provider: NAAEI
  • CECs: 1

Heating Maintenance and Repair Suite (Bulk)

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Maintain a warm relationship with your residents with an understanding of how heating systems work. Heating Maintenance and Repair is an engaging suite of online courses that addresses:

  • How the most common types of heating systems work in an apartment home
  • What jobs are appropriate for an apartment community maintenance technician vs. ones that require a licensed heating specialist
  • The Key Tools that maintenance technicians should have ready to perform heating maintenance and repair
  • Essential heating safety topics such as personal protective equipment, common dangers, and the procedure for lock-out/tag-out

Each of the suite’s four courses is interactive, with opportunities to reinforce the concepts learned in every topic. For example, the Key Tools topic begins with clickable images and definitions for the tools, then ends with a chance to choose the right tool for a practice scenario. The courses also begin and end with a short quiz to gauge the user’s mastery of the objectives.

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