Fair Housing: Keeping Your Communications Fair Housing Compliant

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Fair Housing: Keeping Your Communications Fair Housing Compliant

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Keeping your communication with prospective residents and residents fair housing compliant is essential. It is important to understand what Fair Housing procedures must be adhered to in all of the various ways you may be communicating to your customers each and every day. 

Do you consider the barriers for communicating with people who are deaf or hard of hearing, or who have limited English proficiency? Are you aware of fair housing implications when handling resident complaints and responding to third party harassment? How can you ensure your community’s social media complies with fair housing law?

Communications with your customers can present challenges and are often unplanned. Having a solid understanding of fair housing procedures is integral to properly adhering to those laws when the time comes.

In this series of courses you will learn:

  • How to take phone calls and communicate in person with people who are deaf or hard of hearing 
  • How to offer the same terms, conditions, and privileges to everyone without regard to their membership in a protected class
  • How to handle resident complaints and respond to third party harassment.
  • How the Fair Housing Act (FHA) applies to people who are limited English proficient, and HUD’s guidance to help multifamily housing providers
  • About practical strategies for complying with fair housing law when managing your community's social media
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