APTVision: 5 Ways to Enhance your Property's NOI

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  • Course Length: 1 Hour
  • Course Provider: NAAEI
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APTVision: 5 Ways to Enhance your Property's NOI

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Learning objectives for this webinar. Understanding the purpose of an asset (like a smart video intercom) which is to increase income or decrease expenses. Here’s how a smart video intercom system does both for you:

- Activate new resident credentials from a convenient dashboard on your laptop or tablet. This adds up to efficiency which can lower labor costs and decrease expenses.

- Automate access control for the many people who need to enter your property and do so from anywhere. This increases efficiency so you can improve other areas of your business and that decreases expenses.

- Attract and retain Gen Y and Gen Z renters who are willing to pay over $30.00 a month more for the convenience and security of using their smartphone as a key. And that will increase your net operating income.

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