CAMT+E Micro-Credential

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  • Course Type: Credential (Full)
  • Course Length: 1 hour
  • Course Provider: NAAEI
  • CECs: 3

CAMT+E Micro-Credential

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Course Description

The CAMT+E micro-credential is designed for apartment maintenance technicians who are preparing to take a larger role in improving and managing energy efficiency in the communities they serve. By taking this course and studying the recommended reading material, you will be prepared to sit for the CAMT+E micro-credential exam.

This micro-credential will enable you to:

  • Identify energy efficiency opportunities
  • Advocate for and communicate effectively with stakeholders about energy efficiency measures
  • Install and/or monitor the quality of installation of energy efficiency measures
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of energy efficiency performance and upgrades over time

To obtain the CAMT+E micro-credential, candidates must:

Note: CAMT+E includes FREE exam.

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