Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair Suite

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  • Course Type: Course
  • Course Length: 2 hours
  • Course Provider: NAAEI
  • CECs: 2

Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair Suite

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You can keep things cool with confidence, if you know how an air-conditioning system works. Air-Conditioning Maintenance and Repair is an engaging suite of online courses that addresses:

  • How air-conditioning works in an apartment home
  • What jobs are appropriate for an apartment community maintenance technician vs. ones that require a licensed air-conditioning specialist
  • The key tools that maintenance technicians should have ready to perform air-conditioning maintenance and repair
  • The properties of refrigerants, as well as the federal requirements for handling them
  • Essential air-conditioning safety topics such as personal protective equipment, common dangers, and the procedure for lock-out/tag-out
  • Important troubleshooting concepts to help you check electrical air-conditioning components in a logical order

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